08 April 2013

Direct flights to London in September

The regular opening of new international routes is an important indicator to measure an aviation hub.  Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport has advantage with its location as a transit point in the Eurasian route.  Departing from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport only takes you 4 hours to Southeast Asia and 6 to 10 hours to the Middle East and Europe.


With the opening of direct flights to Melbourne, Vancouver and other international routes, the Chengdu Airlines are developing steadily.  According to the Shuangliu Airport, it has opened 200 domestic and international routes until February, of which there are 143 domestic regional routes and 57 international routes.


Chengdu Airport Joint-stock company Aviation Marketing Manager Yan Yuhua said Air China Limited will open the route from Chengdu to Frankfurt in May and Qatar Airways will open the route from Chengdu to Doha in September.  British Airways PLC will open the Chengdu-London route in September.  “Some of the charter flights may be converted to regular flights in this year”, said Yan Yuhua.


The “30 Million Club”

Shuangliu Airport Terminal Two (T2) has officially put into operation last year.  Shuangliu Airport Terminal area totaled 500,000 square metres with 146 parking stands for aircrafts.  It handles 50 million passenger movements, 1.5 million tons airfreight movements and 320 thousands aircrafts movements annually.


In 2011, the number of passenger movements handled and the number of airfreight movements handled was 29 million and 477 thousand tons respectively.  It was the first time to surpass Shenzhen Baoan International Airport and became the fourth largest aviation hub in China.  As of the end of last year, the number of passenger movements handled in Shuangliu Airport was the fifth to join the “30 million Airport Club” after Beijing, Guangzhou Baiyun, Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao Airport.


Hu Weidong, Chief Investment Manager of the Sichuan Airport Group, expected the number of passenger movements handled by Shuangliu Airport will increase to 45 million and become the top 30 airport in the world in 2015.


In August last year, the Shuangliu Airport Terminal Two (T2) was officially put into operation after a 3-year construction.  Shuangliu Airport now has two runways and two terminals.  These will be an important asset for the airport’s future development.