21 February 2013

Expressed support for the European Parliament (European Parliament) to improve the carbon emission permits price plan.

To maintain the declining price, proposed by the European Commission (European Commission) to the carbon emission permits on the market decreased by 900 million tons in 2013-2015. These licenses will be returned in the 2019-2020 auction.

This so-called "fold the amount of the auction," the proposal has been adopted by the European Parliament's Environment Committee preliminary vote.

EU Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard, Commissioner of the tweeter said: "@ _ Environment Member of the European Parliament to vote on the clear support. To congratulate @ Groote and all those who have worked hard for this compelling results. # Emissions Trading Scheme # fold amount of auction . "

This stage by some of the media regarded the decision of the EU emissions trading scheme (EUETS) the future of the vote, is part of a wider political process. Council of Ministers (Council of Ministers) Climate Change Committee to consider this issue, and submit it to the plenary session of the European Parliament.

The goal of the committee is to complete the relevant procedures as soon as possible, because this year it plans to cut 400 million tons of carbon emissions permits, followed by a further reduction of 300 million tons in 2014, and finally in 2015, a decrease of 200 million tons.

According to current plans, these licenses will be returned to the market in two stages, which returns 300 million tons in 2019 to return 600 million tons in 2020.