18 July 2013

The first wide-body A350XWB Airbus with serial number MSN001 has already conducted a total of 92 hours of test flights since 14th June, 2013, the date of the successful first flight, and showed a very good performance.  The entire flight test of Airbus A350XWB will be completed with five test-aircraft with a total flight time of 2,500 hours.

During the first phase of flight tests which lasted for four weeks, a total of 10 Airbus test pilots conducted 15 test flights and accumulated flight time to 92 hours, the aircrafts’ maneuverability were fully tested.  The aircraft flight envelope test and initial testing of critical systems were completed.  The first stage of the test included engines, electrical systems, ram air turbine system, landing gear and braking systems, fuel and cabin pressurisation systems, while the autopilot and landing functions were initially tested.  MSN001 is currently undergoing routine maintenance and flight testing equipment upgrades, and is preparing for the second phase of testing.  The second phase of testing will begin in August.  The related crew will analyse the results of the first stage test.

The A350XWB programme plans to commence commercial operation in the second half of 2014.  Airbus has received 678 confirmed orders of A350XWB from 34 companies so far.


The First A350XWB aircraft (MSN001) equipped with heavy test equipment, which is mainly for aircraft control testing, natural anti-ice testing, system testing and engine testing.

The second A350XWB in flight tests (MSN003) is also equipped with heavy flight test equipment, which is mainly used for performance testing, high-altitude testing, aircraft performance testing under hot and cold weather conditions and system and engine testing.

The third and fifth flight test aircraft (MSN002 and MSN005) will be equipped with cabin for cabin and cabin systems testing, including long-haul flights and routes certification testing.

The forth plane (MSN004) will be equipped with light flight test equipment, which is mainly used for external noise test, lighting test for first customer pilots and maintenance personnel training.