26 March 2013

As the 2013 Russia’s important activity, “China Tourism Year”, in the 100 days this summer, the tourism promotional programme “Hello, China” will be broadcasted in the Russian media and it will recommend 100 famous tourist attractions or tourist cities.


In the “Russia Tourism Year” in 2012, a 100-episodes tourism feature film on TV “Hello, Russia” was broadcasted with China’s Travel Channel and television and media cooperation.


“Diplomacy between countries is about relationship between people, and harmonious depends on the understanding with each other”.  In 2012, China held the “Russia Tourism Year”.  In 2013, the “China Tourism Year” is being held in Russia.  It becomes another major theme year activity between China and Russia after holding “National Year” and “Year of Languages” together.


In 2012, the “Russia Tourism Year” was a good memory for Chinese tourists.  People are looking forward to the “China Travel Year” in 2013.


In 2012, under the “Russia Tourism Year” with around 200 promotional activities, the tourism industry in China was benefited from various preferential policies, innovative tourism products and travel lines.  The tourism industry had been increasing capital and making better human resources utilisation so that the potential market can be fully recognised.


“Now, there are about 10 flights between China and Irkutsk every week.  There are more than 15 thousand people who visit Lake Baikal every year and we can see the huge potential.”  Mr. Sergei MINENKO, the General Representative of Russia’s Irkutsk Region Government to China said.


“Currently, Russia is China’s third largest source of tourist and China is Russia’s second largest source of tourist.  China and Russia strive for achieving the two-way tourism exchange of 5 million people in 2015.  “Director of China National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei said China and Russia are two renowned tourist countries.  Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Volga River, Lake Baikal and Siberia Forest are the most attractive places for Chinese tourists.  The Great Wall of China, Huangshan, Yellow River, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi’an also attract Russian Tourists.  The two-way tourism between the two countries has an average annual growth rate of 9.6% in the past 10 years.


Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, the Chinese Vice-Director of the Organising Committee of the Sino - Russian “Tourism Year” and the Vice Chairman of the China National Tourism Administration, said until this moment the number of activities to be held in the “Year of Travel in China” has reached 382 items, of which there will be 235 items and 147 items for the Chinese side and for Russian side respectively.  The list of activities has been completed.  China’s main activities include inviting one hundred Russian businessmen, one hundred Russian reporters to visit China and to promote bilateral exchange between one hundred travel institutions between two countries, continuing to organise Sino-Russian reporters travelling by car activities between Moscow and Beijing.  Tourism promotional activities have been planned to implement in Russia by many parts of China.


There will be more memories to be treasured and more projects will be implemented for the tourists.  With support of the Russian embassy, the cultural and sightseeing activity “Beijing – St. Petersburg – Moscow luxury 10-day-cruise” has become an iconic bilateral exchange.  In the autumn of 2012, Beijing invited 50 Russian families to visit Beijing and they had a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival there.


It is worth looking forward to the more beautiful China.  Better friendships are to be nurtured.  "Trip in Beautiful China" is regarded as the new promotional theme in Chinese tourism.  Our motherland will start promoting such theme worldwide.  In this early spring, the "China Tourism Year" in Russia and the "Russia Tourism Year" in China sow the seeds of hope and harvest.