25 January 2013

Spring Festival approaching, a 40-day Spring Festival travel season is about to reach the capacity highest peak in 2013, will have a population of over 3.1 billion people flowing here, including the national civil aviation passenger traffic is expected to reach 35.5 million people, the peak day of more than 1 million people. According to the forecast, the Tianjin Binhai International Airport passenger throughput will reach 95 million people. Meet during the Spring Festival passenger travel demand, in terms of flight routes, the Tianjin Airport is expected to open overtime charter 344 sorties, in particular, greatly encryption Xiamen, Harbin, Fuzhou, Nanning, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Haikou, Changsha, Sanya , Taipei, such as the direction of flight, for travelers to visit relatives, travel, return home to provide more travel options.

Faced with student flow, flow of migrant workers, relatives stream third-rate collection of Spring Festival transport peak pressure, Tianjin Airport will be successfully completed at the same time for the safe operation of security and passenger transport task, adhere to the quality of civil aviation services, launched a series of service initiatives rather Civil Aviation Features. For the protection of passengers during the Spring Festival can be quick and happy to travel, Tianjin Airport Duocuobingju, attention to detail, always reflect the humane care, to provide the highest quality service to ensure travelers.

In the continuation flow Inquiries red vest, blue scarf, purple tie "to guide the best quality service at the same time, the Tianjin airport will also be for the elderly, children, the first time took the opportunity to travelers as well as people with disabilities took the opportunity to love and launched a prompt, staff will for special visitors took the opportunity, catering, leisure and other information. Special take into account some of the visitors took the opportunity to demand, the various departments of the Tianjin Airport Passenger linkage will provide the visitors took the opportunity to process the full coverage of services, frequent flyer and special passenger can make an appointment by telephone, and site requirements to inform service personnel needs, service personnel according to the airport for flight processes throughout travelers help. Special populations of the security scene will need help to open a green channel, the old, the young, the sick and disabled, pregnant, military priority security inspection procedures, as well as luggage priority consignment, and to help travelers peace of mind waiting, happy trip. Spring of this year, the Tianjin airport will be the first time at the gate the pilot service staff real-name system for passengers during the passenger terminal to provide airport service personnel by service personnel provide passengers with the introduction of airport services.

Improve boarding efficiency, to protect tourists from the safe and smooth travel. Tianjin airport passenger services will be in the check-in formalities before the deadline five minutes prompted passengers, increase security orderlies in the morning peak and evening peak hours, additional security channel to accelerate the speed of passengers over seized strengthened to be seized area to maintain staff who, in a timely manner guide travelers too quick check. Protection during the spring of the majority of passengers safely and smoothly, and convenient travel to Tianjin Airport to develop the strict the Spring Festival protection measures, strict during the spring air defense safety shut. Security set to be tested zone "forbidden liquid the fire ban order bulletin board liquid items with fire anyhow abandon box, anyhow abandon forbidden to bring items to facilitate the entry of visitors in accordance with the provisions of exports arrive in the terminal at the same time set up counters for arriving passengers free lighters. Tianjin Airport will also strengthen the regulation of the production run of aircraft ground and terminal baggage handling systems, elevators, escalators, moving walks, automatic doors and other facilities at the same time to increase the safety and inspection, inspection, full maintenance terminal building order and road traffic safety and smooth.

During the Spring Festival crowd brings together, in accordance with the civil aviation regulations: domestic flights 30 minutes before the plane took off, international (regional) flights in the plane took off 45 minutes before the "Check. In this, the airport has also remind the passengers that travel arrangements must be reasonable, way more yourself some time and hope that the majority of travelers to check luggage items carefully before traveling, do not carry or delivery of flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive banning the carrying of dangerous goods boarding and radioactive and other Civil Aviation Authority, in order to avoid inconvenience for the trip.